Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Search?

Local Search is something that we do every day. We used to call it looking in the yellow pages or looking for something in the newspaper or the flyer. Now most local search is done with search enfine websites like Google, Yahoo! or Bing (formerly MSN Live).

Why isn't my company showing up on the map?

There could be many reasons for this, there are 53 algorithm weighting factors. Starting with claiming or registering your listing? Did you fill out your information correctly? Do you have a website? Did you use the right keywords in your listing? How many citations do you have? Are your competitors doing a better job than you?

What's a citation?

A citation is a reference online to your company’s name, address, phone number, website or email address that may or may not be linked back to your website. Search engines look for citations online to endorse your listing.

What is a keyword or key phrase?

A keyword is a description or category applying to your business. Customers enter keywords into search engines in order to find you, your products and your services. A phrase is a keyword combined with a geographic term, usually the name of a city. A phrase can also be a product or service that differentiates you from your competition.

How many keywords and key phrases can I have?

The number of keywords or key phrases you can use depends on the package you select.  You can choose a package with three, six, or ten keywords or key phrases.

Can I change my keywords and key phrases?

You can add keywords or key phrases with an account upgrade, or you can replace your existing keywords and key phrases.  Please remember that new keywords or key phrases cause your linkings to rebuild and it takes time before they perform as well as those that already have been established and managed.

Can I change the information on my account?

Please contact our Customer Support at with the specific changes you wish to make to your account.  (We need an email document authorizing us to make changes in your account.)  We will confirm and implement the changes accordingly.  We also will need your assistance in the confirmation process.  Allow time for the new information to be reflected in the search engines.

How soon can I find my listing online?

Once you give us your confirmation PIN, please allow 10-14 business days for your listing to appear on Google® and Bing™.  Yahoo!™ has their own review process that can take between 3 and 8 weeks.  Other search engines companies follow their own schedules.

Do you guarantee my ranking?

No one can guarantee specific rankings.  All of our clients appear as a result of searches for several keywords or key phrases, and, depending on the search words or phrase used, are normally ranked on the first page of results, often as or near the top listing.  Your ranking should climb as long as Business Local Listings continues to manage your local search parameters.  Also, although some overlap is possible, Business Local Listings normally does not champion more than one client of any category of business within a limited geographic area.  This policy guarantees you our best efforts to make your business the top local listing.

Do my keywords and key phrases rank equally?

There are many factors affecting rank that cause keywords to be valued differently by each search engine.  We work daily to get the highest ranking of each keyword and key phrase that describe your business, however, they cannot rank equally in all search engines.

Is my business found only by using my keywords and key phrases?

Anyone can always find your web site by searching for the name of your business.  Searching for your specific keywords and key phrases optimizes any search for your business, but variations to your keywords and key phrases also list your business, although at a lower ranking.

Where is my business listed?

Your business is listed at its physical address.  You may choose to add adjacent localities as keywords.  If so, please remember that it takes considerable time and effort to be ranked in a region where your business is not physically located.