Frequently Asked Questions

Business Local Listings Frequently Asked Questions

Our 7-phase approach for projects guarantees completion and delivery within 45 days or even shorter. We know how time is essential in business, which is why our approach aims to make the process as quick as possible so we, and our partner clients can take off!

Projects move the fastest when logo and image guidelines are followed properly. This approach is a two-way channel where we can collaborate creatively and effectively under your preferences.

What You Need To Know

You have the option of having your content created by BLL or carry over your existing contents.

Once your order is in motion, you will recieve an invite to our cloud database where you can upload images and documents for your website. Your order will not move to the next phase until all necessary items gathered and complete.

You will be asked to fill out a project brief where you can put all relevant specifications–from font color to voice, to button animation.

The 7 Phases of Website Development

1 – Order Confirmation: The Business Local Listings Team has received your order and payment.

2 – Website Assessment: You completed your website assessment during which you said the Business Local Listings Writers will be creating some text for your website. The writers are in a different department and will contact you when they are ready to present their work for your review.

3 – Content Gathering: During this phase, you upload the logo and images that will be used on your website to Box. You should have received an invitation to join the David Gavin folder on Box. Please upload your company logo, pictures, and documents into this folder or sub-folders as it makes sense to organize. Please do not send images via email as they are often degraded by the email process and have the potential to clog mail servers.

4 – Development: Sit back and relax while the development team works on assembling the many components of your website. We may contact you with questions.

5 – Review: You will have the opportunity to review the website and submit your requested changes.

6 – Final Changes: The final changes will be made and tested by your developer.

7 – Publish!: Once we have received your final approval and you provide your Registrar credentials, we can publish the website for you.

Logo Guidelines

Please upload the highest quality logo image you have on hand to the folder shared with you on We prefer a PNG format image with a transparent background if possible.

Image Guidelines

Different image placements have different requirements. For example, most slider images are required to be at least 980 pixels or more wide while images placed on pages can be smaller. Remember we can always make an image smaller if it is too large. However, if an image is already too small, we cannot retain the quality and make it large enough to fit the space. If you are purchasing stock photos for your website, please have the composites and purpose reviewed before actually finalizing your purchase so that you don’t waste your money on an image that will not fulfill the intended purpose.

Upload Images Here