Payment Gateway

Why do I need a payment gateway?


User friendly payment options are essential to converting website visitors to customers. While PayPal and Google Checkout are great services that some visitors will prefer, others may not understand or trust them. These customers prefer to use their credit card directly. The payment gateway will help you:

Securely transmit payment information to your processor for authorization.

Prevent fraud by identifying suspicious transactions.

Manage risk and eliminate the need to store credit card information and the associated PCI Compliance issues.

Get paid faster at rates that are usually lower than PayPal or Google Checkout.

What if I already have a credit card processor?


If your credit card processor is compatible with, you will only need a gateway account. If your credit card processor is not compatible or you don’t have one at all, you will need apply for a merchant service account as well as the gateway. Most processors are compatible. If you would like to find out for sure before starting the application process, ask your processor directly.

Do you guarantee PCI Compliance?


The short answer is no. We do however steer small businesses into making choices that will help them avoid PCI compliance issues and keep their costs low. We assist you in procuring a payment gateway and the security certificate necessary to protect the information being transferred between your website and your payment gateway. Although these choices significantly reduce your PCI Compliance requirements, your organization is sill responsible through other channels. To learn more about PCI Compliance, visit the PCI Security Standards Council.

Payment Gateway Fees


Set Up Fee – $99

The one time fee to establish the gateway account.

Monthly Gateway Fee – $17.95

The monthly fee charged for a payment gateway account.

Transaction Fee – $.10

The fee charged by the payment gateway for each credit card transaction processed for the account. The credit card transaction types that the per-transaction fee is charged for includes: authorizations, captures, refunds, declines or other related transactions, completed or submitted within the payment gateway.

Batch Fee – $.25

The fee assessed per batch of settled credit card transactions.

Optional Value-Adding Products


  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite – $9.95/month
  • Automated Recurring Billing – $10.00/month
  • Customer Information Manager – $20.00/month
  •® – Contact Authorize.Net for pricing

Optional Merchant Account Fees


  • Setup Fee – $0.00
  • Monthly Service/Statement Fee – $9.95
  • Transaction Fee – $.25
  • Master/Visa Qualify Discount Rate – 2.19%
  • Monthly Processing Minimum Fee* – $25.00

* Monthly fee is waived if transaction minimums are met.