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What is the difference between local SEO and SEO, it is all about the algorithm and the intent of the one doing the search. Does the key phrase have geo modifier, for example auto repair tampa. There are different weighting factors for organic SEO than there are related to local SEO (Google Places, Bing Maps and Yahoo Local). Your website is the foundation to any Search Engine Optimization. For your website to show in the search results all of these factors must be addressed.The first factor is to do an analysis of your on site content.  The pictures, text and video.  Do they support the key phrases your business would like to have results in the search engine result pages.  Keyword and key phrase analysis is the basis of how your content will be created through the site. Do you even know what the proper keywords and phrases are for your business? Their not necessarily your traditional yellow page directory listings.

Forensic SEO Analysis


Business Local Listings will provide a forensic SEO analysis for your business.  To determine what your exact needs are compared to what your competiton is doing.

Key Phrases Investment
5 $500
10 $1000
20 $1750
30 $2500
50 $4000

Content creation is $150 per page, $75 per page with customer created content.

Free Simple Keyword Analysis


We will perform a simple overview analysis for up to 3 keyword phrases at no cost or obligation to you. Simply fill out the form below and we will send your results.

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