Monetize Social Media?

The Internet has transformed our ability to communicate and put everyone around the world in direct contact.  With the rapid increase in the number of Social Media web sites that facilitate this contact, the possibility to link to new friends has exploded. Which ones do I use for my business?

Social Media sites also present the opportunity for your business to interact as an entity on the Internet, much as it can function legally as a corporation.  As a social entity, your business has the potential to market directly to everyone who uses a Social Media site, such as Facebook, and to target your sales message to exactly the type of client most likely to use your products and services.

Business Local Listings offers a FREE hour consultation on how you can use Social Media Interactive Marketing to increase your Internet visibility, target precise demographics for your advertising, and increase your sales.  The details of your consultation are described on our services page.

To be amazed about the importance and consequences of the Social Media Revolution, please watch this 4:26 video.


With the right Social Media configured your business can run more efficiently and effectively. With the right content and execution Social Media is an avenue of customer support, customer retention and gauging customer satisfaction.

Social Media is making customer satisfaction transparent.  Happy customers will less likely say something positive about an experience unless it exceeds their expectations, that is what they paid for.  Upset and irate customers now have the perfect place to complain and leave  virtual liabilities all over the web to be seen by the world.

This typical behavior makes the buying process that much more efficient people always care what peers think about them and their possessions.  This will make superior products and services rise to the top! Those huge marketing budgets will no longer hold up to what is being said in social media.  You really don’t have to believe the hype if you do some search and watch Youtube reviews.

Your Social Media is a double edge sword.  Good companies take these opportunities to make themselves better by addressing feedback or adjusting in the future.  Bad companies look at this as a time to hide, cover up or repress bad reviews.  If you are not managing your online presence and reputation, your competition is definitely way ahead in the game.

We look at this like Hollywood.  “Bad press” is good press and “Good Press” is GREAT press.  Keep in mind that you are still in business!

Who is using social media?