3 Tips From Head Navigator Kapitan BLL For Yer Local SEO, Tampa

Aaarrrggghhhh! Head Navigator Kapitan BLL here with a look at shippin’ up your local SEO, Tampa!

In my experience, there are three things ya need to take notice of when yer plannin’ out yer local SEO strategy…

What’s that? You don’t have a plan?! Aaarrrgghhh…that gets my blood a-boilin’. Well, never ya mind. We’ll get that all fixed up for ya in no time at all, matey. Just sit tight and take in these three things ya need to take notice of when yer plannin’ yer local SEO strategy for that newfangled website yer cookin’ up.


If there’s one thing we know about that website of yers, it’s keywords. They have to be good ones. ‘Aye, that means there’s a little bit of research ya need to do to be sure the ones ya pick out are right. Include yer location to get yer local SEO workin’ for ya the way it should. Google has a keyword tool that’s sure to do the trick, givin’ ya a bit of knowledge ya didn’t have before, and helpin’ to steer ya along on yer way toward the right keywords. Don’t ya try guessin’! Do a little work for the keywords. It’ll pay off in the end.

Focus Yer Content

Don’t make the mistake of writin’ in ten keywords on yer homepage. What’re ya tryin’ to do? Confuse the search engines? Keep yer focus, and keep yer mind on only a couple per page. If yer lookin’ for results, stick those keywords in yer content, but make it so they make sense! We’re talkin’ about good writin’. Yer content is important, ‘aye, some would even say that it’s king! When yer words are written right, yer website will shine like that buried treasure I’ve been searchin’ fer, all my life…

Make Yer Website Known

What good is yer website if it don’t get shown off some? Be proud of what ya created, matey! Tell the world! Social media is yer friend, and it’s a friend that ya can’t ignore if yer wantin’ to do great things for yer SEO. Make sure ya have a blog that yer updatin’ often and share yer posts on social media too. It won’t be long, and yer gonna find that yer best promoter is you!

Has yer local SEO been sufferin’ for a long time? Findin’ ya need a boost to rank higher in those search engines? Head Navigator Kapitan BLL can get ya there, probably quicker than ya can say “Shiver me timbers!” Contact us today and let’s get ‘er started!

And don’t ya worry…I’m not the one who does the writin’…I do the promotin’!

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