Quality over Quantity: Understanding the dark side of SEO

Nothing beats getting immediate results. Small businessmen of today, although not all, have a tendency to want to see any form of outcome in the shortest amount of time. Now, this is an understandable behavior because there business trends come and go quickly which makes time a crucial necessity for anyone who wants to succeed in their chosen verticals.

Search engine rankings are volatile; however, one can still achieve longevity within the top ranks by employing the right SEO techniques to do the job. There are several ways to get to the top of the lists but these strategies are generally categorized into 2: White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The objectives of both are the same but they use completely different methods.

White hat SEO is recognized as the legitimate way of optimizing your website by playing within the guidelines of search engines and investing time and energy on actually making a good website design (codes and all). Black hat, on the other hand, is what the industry recognizes as the dark side of SEO because the methods will most likely make use of techniques generally termed as “cloaking.” This means there are hidden codes, texts, and what have you. The former takes longer to build on but the results are long term. Its counterpart has that perk of immediate traffic but the victory never really lasts.

Black hat is also associated with “spamdexing” which essentially involves the manipulation of search engine indexes by flooding them with duplicate articles, links, and other contents. A simpler form of black hat technique is the submission of copies that are overly-rich and repetitive in specific keywords (without any regard for format or sense). This is also known as keyword stuffing. These articles will then be submitted to article directories using some form of software which promises to get you hundreds of back links and social bookmarks.

As someone who has been part of the industry for quite some time now, I often find humor in seeing SEO website services page like this one.

This site has claimed to have the capacity to provide manual article submissions to 500 directories in 1.5 months and even 1000 directories in just 70 days. Any legitimate SEO company would know that this is impossible unless they are using some kind of software, which does not even guarantee 100% positive results. Furthermore, associating your business with these types of companies puts your website at risk of being flagged as spam and ultimately, blocked from the search engines.

Softwares are not all that bad because there are some that can really help with your cause; but, you can only use them so much. The lesson of the story is: “Do not be blinded by the promises of big numbers.” In the higher standards of today’s search engines, quality still reigns.

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