Search Engine Optimization: Dealing With the Ebb and Flow

Search engine optimization is a term that can scare anyone away from trying any inbound marketing at all. While you know you need to incorporate SEO into your marketing plan, lack of understanding as well as the constant changes that Google is constantly making to their algorithms might be what’s keeping you from taking the plunge. Kapitan BLL, our resident pirate mascot, is always encouraging us to refer to these changes in algorithms as the “Ebb and Flow” of the SEO ocean. He can be a little unnerving at times, so we’ll just go with his suggestion.

Where SEO Started

Once upon a time, search engine optimization simply meant making sure your keywords were in your content a certain number of times. Everyone had their theories about how many times was good and how much was too much. And then there were those websites who constantly incorporated their keywords in their content, even when they didn’t make any sense, or when they just kind of dangled at the bottoms of all of the pages. Not only did businesses abuse their keywords, but they also purchased links from other sites to boost their ratings even more. In short, it was a big mess.

It’s no wonder Google got wise and decided to change things up. There’s that “Ebb and Flow” again.

Where SEO Is Now

Now, search engine optimization has changed to incorporate your readers. Your SEO has to make them happy, and if it doesn’t, Google might put you in a “time out”. It’s all about your content. We don’t necessarily want to say “Content is King” but…well, it is. When your content is easy to read, even entertaining to read, you’ll delight your readers and you’ll delight Google at the same time. Your readers will love learning new information from your blog and from your other web pages, and when they’re happy enough, they’ll share the great information they read on social media.

See how it all works together?

As far as the “Ebb and Flow” of SEO goes, you’ll find that it’s easier now than ever, especially when you have the services of a professional search engine optimization firm on your side, helping you to rise through the rankings on Google.

Are you ready to get your business on the map? Simply contact us today we’ll put Kapitan BLL to work for you!

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