SEO Company in Tampa Can Help Your Business Survive the Rocky Seas of Search

SEO Company Tampa

It was only a few years ago when the term search engine optimization (SEO) was first introduced. Today, in 2013, that term has not only become commonplace, but mandatory amongst all businesses, large and small, who require a web presence to stay competitive and on the cutting edge.

A few things in the SEO world are changing and causing a bout of sea-sickness in the captains of small businesses everywhere. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up and correctly navigate the rocky seas of the world wide web and maintain an effective presence. Here are some reasons why:

  • There has been a convergence of search and social. In the search world, Google still reigns as king of these seas (duh’). Second and third in command, however, is YouTube and Facebook respectively. For that matter, LinkedIN and Twitter aren’t sailing that far behind anymore either.
  • There is also becoming an ever increasing cause and effect of solid, quantifiable PR in search rankings.
  • Content marketing is also playing an ever-increasingly important role in the salty seas of search.
  • Search now means more than just a company’s website. Consumers and even other businesses can find your product or service on many other online opportunities like: a social media site, a content site, a business directory, or a press release.

More than 90% of B2B purchase cycles begin with an online search of some kind and more than 80% of any consumer purchase begins similarly. I personally can’t remember the last time I used another tool to begin research for a product I was considering. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly important to find a solution to stay afloat of the seo waters, which can be rocky for a business owner who would rather concentrate on generating revenue and optimizing their operations rather than maintaining an optimal web presence. Lucky for you there is an seo company in tampa that has all the sea worthiness it takes to put your business firmly on the map of the worldwide web.

Business Local is captained by the legendary Kapitan BLL, who has exactly what it takes to help your business navigate the continuously changing seas of seo and leave the treasures of the profits for the landlubbers. Contact us today!

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