Understanding What Your Customers Are Searching For – A Must for SEO Firms

For SEO firms, one of the most important tasks is to help a business understand what their customers are searching for online. There’s more to it – but that’s a huge goal.

Sure, your shoe store in Tampa wants to rank well for the obvious search terms, such as “shoes in Tampa,” “Tampa shoe stores,” and so forth. But that’s only part of what should be on the agenda. There are long-tail keywords that command attention.

Long-tail keywords are terms that are long, used by searchers for very specific searches. For instance, “cheap women’s Nike shoes in Tampa” is a long-tail keyword.

What’s the point? These terms are not as common as their generic counterparts. Long-tail keywords offer an interesting proposition – a good opportunity to rank well, even though there may not be as many searches.

A great strategy is to identity long-tail keywords that have “low competition,” according to Google, that have a respectable number of searches (four-digit monthly searches). Once that is identified, a business can zero in on some of these keywords, which will boost visitors. At the same time, the bigger keywords will be targeted as well, naturally, which will gradually boost the SEO value of the business’ site.

This all amounts to understanding the target audience – and reaching out to them. It might be a niche subject or a primary need, but the opportunity to capture your audience with SEO is there. After all, as long as people search for what they need online, the opportunity will be there with SEO.

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