What is the difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing and Advertising?

What exactly is Social Media? What is the difference between Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing & Advertising?


If you market your business online (or not), chances are you’ve been contacted by a Social Media Sales Rep. You’ve heard their pitch, seen the presentation, but what exactly are they trying to sell you?

Social Media is an ever-changing entity, with its own technical jargon. Knowing some of these key terms will give you the upper hand when deciding which marketing techniques will fit your business best.


What is Social Media?

Social Media is the term used to describe the online communication “Platforms”. Platforms bring people together for the exchange of information. The most popular Social Media Platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Your audience on these Platforms are your “followers”.


What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is building an audience for your Platforms by creating and sharing relevant content and generally engaging with your followers.


Social Media Management helps to consolidate a brand’s identity by providing consistent and accurate information on your business. You also have the ability to interact with your audience. Having an online presence and managing your Platforms is necessary because it gives you a cornerstone to build relationships and allows you to create your unique “voice”, which distinguishes your business or brand from the competition.


An effective Social Media Management strategy can create viral buzz in the online world and streamline relationships with your clients


What is Social Media Marketing & Advertising?

Advertising and marketing through your Social Media Platforms are considered to be a cost effective methods to expand your audiences.


The benefits of using a Social Media Marketing and Advertising services can result in increased website traffic, lead generation and influenced sales. By utilizing services such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or Twitter Promoted Accounts, to advertise your product or services, you will have the availability to reach an entirely new audience, further bolstering your online presence. Social Media Marketing & Advertising are good options for business wanting to take advantage of the advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and accessibility of information on mobile devices. Social Media Ads drive the user to take some measurable “Call to Action”, such as buying a product or registering for an event. This success of these methods are easily measured, allowing you to decide how effective the Ad was in driving conversions & increasing your followers.


These solutions may be utilized stand-alone, however a combination of Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing & Advertising work hand-in-hand to provide your business with the most robust ROI, provide a measurable increase in leads, sales and an overall satisfying Social Media experience


By: Katie Hickey


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