Best Practices to Increase Customer Interaction in Your Social Media Profile

If you’re serious about customer interaction and engagement in your social media profiles, then you must be proactive. You can’t expect to create buzz with just blog posts, you must take action to create that noise you’re looking for. And in the social media sphere, the audience likes noise.
Online marketing is a totally different ball game compared to the traditional marketing strategies. It takes a lot more effort and hard work to reach the target market and complete marketing goals. But this feat is very possible to overcome if you employ the right marketing techniques on your social media profiles to boost customer interaction.

Boost Customer Interaction with these Strategies

Do you need any help? Here are some things that you can start with:

• Encourage Opinions- Write posts that encourage opinions, comments and suggestions from the audience. Ask them what flavors they like, likes and dislikes, picking between designs and the likes. Through encouraging them to speak, you are giving them a voice; a voice to collaborate or be part of something. Customers really like it when you value what they have to say.

• Getting Votes- Getting customer votes show that again, you value their opinion. In Facebook, creating a poll is very easy and social media users like voting because it takes very little time to do.

• Posting Pictures of Products with Customers- In Twitter, Instagram and Facebook marketing, images are very important. It improves a business’credibility when it shares photos with its customers.

• Using Videos- Posting videos are another great way to increase customer interaction and engagement because internet users like watching videos. Some people even prefer watching over reading so if you can cater to both forms, that will be awesome for your business. The most favorite videos are how to’s, DIY tips, live events, activities and etc.

• Offering Promotions- By far, the most popular way of enhancing customer engagement in social media is offering promotions. Everyone wants to win something or get something for free. Not only will this boost customer engagement, but it will also promote sharing among social media users (another huge benefit).

• Putting Share Buttons-One strategy that many bloggers or social media marketers tend to forget about is putting share buttons. Share buttons are very helpful because it’s an easy way to reach out to the market indirectly. You have your current subscribers sharing your content, image, video or contest and they do this voluntarily. The only job left to do is make the posts interesting enough for your audience to click that share button.

Social networking sites are a perfect place to build a closer and more personal relationship with your audience. Try these marketing strategies out and see your customer interaction increase significantly.

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