The Impact of a Business Website to Customer Responsiveness

Web developmentWhat is your goal of creating a website? Is it for information purposes? Is it to generate sales? Is it to offer customer support? Whatever the goal of your website is, you must know that your design, layout and meta tags will have a direct impact on your customer responsiveness. Which response will you get? That will depend on the website you create.

The Basic Page Layout

There are four areas you have to take control of when it comes to the page layout of your business website. These are: the Header, the Sidebar, the Content and the Footer.

  • Header- The header includes your website’s name, the logo and tagline.

  • Sidebar- The sidebar is where you can put your navigation links including the sitemap. Below the sidebar is a good place to place the ads.

  • Content- The content area is where the content and copy of the page is placed.

  • Footer- The footer is where you can see things like Terms of Service, Report Abuse, Privacy and the likes.

The Page Layout Design Elements

The page elements are what you use across the different areas of the page layout of your business webiste. This is totally under your discretion but right now, customers prefer a minimalist website and one that gets to the point immediately. Visitors do not like too many options, they prefer an easy to navigate website. Here are a few tips on how to design your page layout design elements:

  • Color- Choose text color that contrasts with the background (ex. Dark font, light background). Also, choose the color of your links properly. Assign three link colors for the active, visited and unvisited.

  • Text- Go for the Bold attribute often as this makes the text stand out. For the font size, this will have to depend on the default values set on the browser. Change the default value by checking if you need a bigger or smaller font.

  • Page Size- For fast loading, the page size should be 30K or less. Maximum width should be 535 pixels while maximum height should be 295 pixels.

  • Graphics- GIF files are better used for animation, transparency and icons. JPEG files are best for large images such as photographs.

Meta Tagging and SEO

Meta tags are pieces of codes that offer page information. These meta tags can help in improving your Google search rankings when done right. The Title Tag is the one with the most impact on search rankings so it is important that your business website has a fixed set of tags, along with the offsite contents you’re simultaneously creating.

Using meta keywords or tags help your site get indexed when an internet user searches for the keyword that you are using. Your site will be included in the search engine results page and this will possibly generate more traffic to your site.

For example, if you’re in the business of hybrid automotive repair, your meta tags need to have that phrase embedded in your business website for search engines to properly crawl and index your content. But again, keep your content coherent and not just a ramble of words for the sake of peppering it with your meta tags.

Website Design and Customer Responsiveness

Having the right website design and layout is beneficial for your business. When visitors like what they see, there’s more engagement. When they engage more, there’s a higher chance for sales conversions, hence, more revenues for your business. And not only that, when customers engage, they feel closer to you and are more likely to do business with you.

Getting the right website design and layout make take some experimenting. Not every visitor likes it the same way but through analytic tools, you’ll know which one customers respond to the most.

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