Creating Facebook Cover Photos That Talk Business

Facebook Timeline is rolling out and it has been getting mixed reviews. Facebook Fan Pages have mostly been changed to the new layout and as much as some prefer the old one, the only way to keep afloat is to adapt.

Since Facebook Timeline’s overall look and feel relies much on images (especially with the cover photo), you need to make sure your Fan Page catches the right kind of attention—not too busy, not too generic, creative, and the right dimensions.

The default landing tab from the old design is gone and the cover photo serves as the replacement for that. Consider it as prime real estate that is always visible to fans and non-fans as they land on your page. The dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels. Never use photos that are under 399 pixels. You’ll end up with a crappy, pixilated cover.

The cover photo is a wonderful place to showcase photographs and graphics that instantly relate to your brand/business. Facebook encourages you to change your cover image as often as you wish. Also, like any news feed, each time you change your cover image, fans get the feed on their profiles. This should be perfect for new promos or product launches. It’s easy and it’s free advertising!

An important reminder:

Do not put contact info, calls to action, or arrows pointing to the Like or Share button on your cover image. Guidelines for cover photos strictly prohibit the input of such info and may compromise your page.

Profile Pictures

Your profile picture is always a square and is displayed at 125 x 125 pixels or 150 x 150 pixels, depending on the size of someone’s screen. The photo you upload must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. Facebook discourage page owners from changing their profile picture that often. This is the primary, instantly-recognizable image that tracks you throughout Facebook wherever your posts go and wherever you comment as your Page.

Here’s a useful app to get cover photos for your page:

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