Bearing Witness to the Marriage of Siri and SEO

The release of the iPhone 4S introduced Siri to the cyber-telecommunications world. Its popularity reached exponential growth, an estimated 10 million within the first week of the Apple product’s launch, and now, the inevitable change on search engine results for business is stirring a fast game-changing pace for anyone who wants to stay on top of the ranks.

There are literally millions of iPhone users in the US alone and Siri is their singular personal, virtual assistant who helps them do almost everything—from finding discount deals to making dinner reservations. And as a business owner, adapting to this mode of online search is the next, most obvious thing to do. If you are looking for a mechanic in Brandon Florida. Just ask Siri.

How Siri gathers information in the technical aspect still has some mystery to it but we can still work on a strategy based on what we see as users. Much like the gist of SEO, Siri provides us with a list of results that have regular Google crawls as well as those with a consistent high volume of traffic. You ask for an auto repair shop and Siri immediately provides the directory listings of highly reviewed companies. So what can an SEO-patronizing business take away from this?


This means you need to regularly update your listings every moth—from photos to your company description. Having your contact information and other relevant business information on high ranking directory listings is also a must. Keep NAP (Name, address, phone), website and email, operating hours, and Google map entry in constant check whenever you make a change to avoid stagnating your listing. The more information you provide, the more attractive your listing will be.


You need to make a few adjustments on your website’s codes to do this. Technically speaking, you need to move past the “flashy” and stay in-tune with the easy-loading property of your website. Java scripting and Flash might seem like a kick-ass idea but it will make it difficult for your site to load. Add the fact that they are opening this on a mobile phone. Keep it light.

Making such an adjustment makes you visible to more online users and it ensures your website of higher traffic. Higher traffic on mobile searches means a greater chance to show up on Siri’s list.


Local search face changes with Siri and Yelp. Again, Siri gives you a list of highly reviewed listings and you need to do that for your company. Consumer review sites like Yelp, Insider Pages, and City Search are currently 3 of the top sites where searchers go to for products and services. A high rating and more reviews means more recommendations from Siri. It isn’t quite so easy, though, because Yelp is very particular. It won’t accept reviews from just anyone. You need to concentrate on getting positive reviews from active Yelp members because their opinions have the most credibility. 0 reviews definitely looks bad from any angle.

The marriage of Siri and SEO is a promising one. It also implies that in just a few years, Google will not have the monopoly on search. The rise of mobile search ensures a very mutualistic relationship between these two marketing tools. It’s already being foreseen to bear a lot of profit for businesses who grab the opportunities it is offering.

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