The Importance of Getting Listed

Ranking high on a national level with specific key phrases is next to impossible. In addition, the algorithm change in Google has shaped search results into a more geo and regional-specific list. Achieving the top ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing is very achievable on a regional level and getting listed is the 1st stop.

Online searchers have learned the use of Geo-modifiers. An example of a search phrase with a geo modifier is “Auto repair, Tampa.” Search engines will immediately pick up “Tampa” which will show a list of establishments on the indicated area. Businesses who are already listed in, say, Google Places will have greater chances of landing on the 1st page.

Here are important things to remember:

1. Too many errors with phone validation upon registration will mean you have to validate your account via postcard which takes three to four weeks to arrive to you. Make sure all your details are correct to avoid this hassle. Vital information you need to input are your company name, contact numbers, contact person, email, and working link to your website.

2. Use relevant images to show your products or your facilities. These all serve to make your listing stand out more become more credible. Regular updates of new images are also necessary to make sure your listing does not get deleted.

3. Finally, when setting up Google Places, remember to include all the products and services you provide with short but concise descriptions.

4. Directory listings can be rejected due to the poor quality of your personal website If rejected, you will then receive feedback (you might have to ask for it in some cases) on how to improve your website. This means that getting listed should also mean you’ve checked your website personal website for quality and uniqueness.

Business Local helps small business get listed and provides regular monthly maintenance of all content. We get your business’ key information in the top directories on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp, Localeze, etc. BLL optimizes your website using your preferred keywords which are linked to your directory listings. Multiple and validated listings immediately increase traffic for your website and gradually allows your business to climb up the ranks in the major search engines.
Staying on top of your market can be challenging but there are tools you can use to help get you that extra boost. Make Business Local Listing’s Local Search Business Listing Management (LSBLM) service part of your marketing strategy to make sure become more visible to more people.

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