5 Social Media Monitoring Tools Your Small Business Needs

It’s not enough to be online these days. You need to put your time to good use. That means monitoring your social media presence continuously. For some business owners it’s tough to write a blog, tweet the latest updates on their company and product, and respond to followers on Facebook. Now they have to double […]

Marketing Your Business with Instagram

Instagram started out as a way for people to share photos. But Instagram has grown a lot since then, small businesses can use it to enhance their online marketing efforts. Instagram is used to cater to a specific audience, those who prefer hearing quick and short messages with visuals. Instagram Practices for Marketing Instagram may […]

The Impact of a Business Website to Customer Responsiveness

What is your goal of creating a website? Is it for information purposes? Is it to generate sales? Is it to offer customer support? Whatever the goal of your website is, you must know that your design, layout and meta tags will have a direct impact on your customer responsiveness. Which response will you get? […]

Best Practices to Increase Customer Interaction in Your Social Media Profile

If you’re serious about customer interaction and engagement in your social media profiles, then you must be proactive. You can’t expect to create buzz with just blog posts, you must take action to create that noise you’re looking for. And in the social media sphere, the audience likes noise. Online marketing is a totally different […]

Local businesses are asking…where did Google Places go?

where did google places go? It seems as though every week, we wake up, and some other part of SEO needs our attention, doesn’t it? For business owners, it can get a little bit tiring trying to keep up with all of the changes Google is constantly making. If you’re a business owner, you may […]

Understanding What Your Customers Are Searching For – A Must for SEO Firms

For SEO firms, one of the most important tasks is to help a business understand what their customers are searching for online. There’s more to it – but that’s a huge goal. Sure, your shoe store in Tampa wants to rank well for the obvious search terms, such as “shoes in Tampa,” “Tampa shoe stores,” […]

An SEO Company in Tampa that Gets Social Media

Did you know that your social media profiles can influence SEO impact – for better or worse? As an SEO company in Tampa, this is unfortunately a common misconception for some business owners. They believe that social media and SEO are two separate entities. That isn’t the case. Your social media profiles could be hurting […]

What Happens When You’re on the Map? Only the Best SEO Firms Know!

It’s a rough ride. But when you’re with one of the best SEO firms in the land, you realize what happens when you’re finally on the map. Success. When you’ve successfully navigated through Google’s changes, aimed, launched, and fired at competitive short- and long-tail keywords, and have finally made a name for yourself within your […]

Businesses Benefit In A Variety Of Ways With Mobile Web App Development

If your organization has not yet explored the creation of its own mobile web app, now may be the time to do so. What exactly are the benefits in doing so? With a mobile app, the capacity exists to selectively push information to the customer. Updates about upcoming sales, future events, changes, delays, etc can […]